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Your Interview Timeline

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Friday, August 23rd, 2019

What to do the night before, the morning of, immediately after and 1 week later…

Saying the right things and impressing the interviewers is pretty much a necessary part of getting any position. But many jobs are actually won, and more importantly lost, in the hours before and after the interview has even taken place.


The night before

Confidence comes with knowledge.

In our experience, not being prepared is the number one reason you might not get the job. Yes, you might be the best candidate, but lack of preparation doesn’t go down well and just demonstrates a lack of willingness to put the effort in.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to get yourself in the best possible position and here are a few of our top tips.

  • Prepare your answers…and your questions.

    Write down any answers to expected questions and rehearse them. It will give you great confidence when the question comes up to know exactly what your answer will be.

    Also, research the company and even the people you will be meeting (it’s easy on Linked-In) and have some great questions prepared. This shows a real level of interest of your part, people love talking about themselves.

  • Practice in the mirror.

    OK, we know this is a bit awkward at first but remember, this is how the interviewer will see you. So, rehearse a few of your answers whilst watching yourself…you’ll be surprised how things look from the other side of the desk.

  • Get to bed.

    Ok, clothes ironed, answers rehearsed and it’s time to get some sleep. Don’t go out clubbing, get to bed at a reasonable time. You don’t want to turn up looking like you need a good kip.


The morning of the big day

  • Get up early.

Make sure you’re not in a rush. You can relax and make a cup of tea whilst you go over your interview answers.

  • Look great.

    This will not only impress the interviewers, but it will give you extra confidence.

  • Leave the house in plenty of time.

    With sat-nav and Google maps at your fingertips there are no excuses for being late. Interviewers hate it and you’ll be starting from a negative position.

  • Be lovely with the receptionist.

    You’ll be surprised who gets to chip-in with their input on who gets the job. So be lovely and engaging with whoever you meet en route to the interview room.

  • Don’t forget your notes.

Make sure you take your notebook and a pen. You can refer to your answers if you forget something and you can write down all their answers to your great questions for reference later.


Immediately After the Interview

Go and get a Costa to calm the nerves and congratulate yourself. If you’ve taken all the steps mentioned above, then we expect your interview to have gone pretty well.

Then, follow up with a nice email to say how much you enjoyed the meeting.

Try not to ask if you’ve got the job here, just demonstrate a willingness to communicate, compliment the company and ask them to let you know if you can provide any more information to further your application.


A week later

It may be just a few days after but it’s important to follow up.

A reasonable amount of time has passed now, and you have every right to ask if you were successful. You might only be looking for a second interview or the job itself, but take the initiative and be proactive.

If you weren’t successful, ask why and if there is anything you can do to change their minds.


We’ll call you

When we sent you to an interview, we’ll make sure to call you before, to make sure you can get to your interview and that you’re prepared. We’ll call you afterwards as well to talk through how you feel it went. We have a great team here and we’re experienced in what will make the difference, so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Call on 0161 929 6665.