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Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant, you’ll be working at the highest levels in a company, often working under direct supervision and reporting to a partner or director.

You’ll need plenty of experience and confidence to contribute on an individual basis as an expert in your chosen subject matter, delivering on important projects like change management and process optimisation.

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It’s a position of seniority

As the name suggests, senior consultant roles carry significant seniority and responsibility, and are best suited to individuals with years of experience behind them.

You may be later in your career, or you might be relatively young but have direct experience of consulting at high levels and a proven track record of delivering on your promises.

While consulting can be seen as being external to the teams you work with, a good senior consultant is closely engaged in the process and committed to achieving the very best outcomes.

Your day to day duties may include:

  • Anticipating and communicating risks.
  • Auditing and reviewing project progress and performance.
  • Developing documentation and products.
  • Leading teams and sub-teams when necessary.
  • Managing output to meet contracted expectations.
  • Preparing cost analyses and financial estimates.
  • Providing expertise on specific subject matter.

The stakes can be very high in senior consultant jobs, where the expertise and advice you give can have a direct bearing on project performance, but it can be an extremely fulfilling career choice for those who thrive under such pressure.

Finding the best fit

It’s essential that a senior consultant is a good fit for the role. While experienced professionals are flexible, capable of working in a variety of different environments and to meet different expectations, it’s always good to feel at home in a consultancy role.

This might mean becoming closely familiar with the ethos of the company who hires you, their history and any major past successes, and the current direction of the business on the project you are to consult on, and in general terms as well.

If you are to report directly to executive-level partners and directors, you may need to spend some time with those individuals to get a better understanding of what they want you to deliver.

Top-level consultancy roles carry a salary that reflects your unique capabilities, immense expertise and rare wealth of experience, so the pressure is on to make sure you provide value for money to your employer in return.

Senior Consultant Opportunities

At Alexander Hancock we are proud to offer some of the most lucrative senior consultant opportunities with employers who we have worked with time and time again over many years. But that’s not where we tow the line, if you are looking for similar executive positions, we will be able to help. If you’re looking for Executive Assistant recruitment or Assistant Director jobs get in touch with us today.

Our own recruitment executives work hard to ensure every placement is a good fit of consultant and consultancy role, so that everybody involved feels the mutual benefit of a good match.

The best candidates can be fast-tracked into senior consultant roles that are an ideal fit for your expertise, and again we work closely with all of our candidates to gain the best possible understanding of your career history and the type of role that will suit you.

Find out more by contacting a member of the Alexander Hancock senior team today and we will be happy to talk about what happens next.

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