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Recruiting in Manchester, Stockport, Trafford Park, Bury, Warrington and the Greater Manchester area

Sales Jobs

At Alexander Hancock we recruit a huge range of individuals for Sales roles which includes recruiting for roles such as Account Managers, Sales Managers, Regional Managers and many more.

If you cannot find the perfect sales job in Manchester here, consider our Ecommerce / Marketing / Advertising / PR jobs section, or you could find an appropriate match in Customer Service.


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Appointment Setter

Job Ref: 7095

Job Type: PERM

Location: Altrincham

Salary: £20,000 + Bonus

Posted: 20th July, 2021

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Head of ECommerce

Job Ref: 6972

Job Type: PERM

Location: Stockport

Salary: £90,000

Posted: 15th July, 2021

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National Sales Executive

Job Ref: 7085

Job Type: PERM

Location: Manchester

Salary: £35,000 - £38,000

Posted: 6th July, 2021

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Internal Sales Executive

Job Ref: 7073

Job Type: PERM

Location: Trafford Park

Salary: £22,000 - £28,000

Posted: 25th June, 2021

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Business Development Manager

Job Ref: 7075

Job Type: PERM

Location: Working from home

Salary: £40,000 - £50,000 plus bonus

Posted: 25th June, 2021

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Internal Sales Account Manager

Job Ref: 7045

Job Type: PERM

Location: Cheadle

Salary: £20,000 to £24,000 per annum OTE Realistic £35,000

Posted: 21st May, 2021

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Business Development Lead Generator

Job Ref: 7028

Job Type: PERM

Location: Altrincham

Salary: £18,000 OTE up to £35,000

Posted: 18th May, 2021

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Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Job Ref: 7000

Job Type: PERM

Location: Manchester

Salary: £18,000 - £25,000

Posted: 13th April, 2021

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Customer Sales Advisor

Job Ref: 6974

Job Type: PERM

Location: Stockport

Salary: £25,000

Posted: 15th March, 2021

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The sales function has changed hugely since we started in recruitment; it is so much more sophisticated, more consultative, more customer driven. It is about building long term relationships to retain customers, either through face to face sales or through telesales, therefore salespeople are much more professional, legislation compliant where appropriate and as a leading telesales recruitment agency we ensure that our candidates reflect that.


Sales career expectations

Careers in sales can be fast paced. You will need be a perfect representative of the company. Your work will be assessed on the number of sales or leads you get, and the quality of those leads. It’s likely you will work on commission ote or uncapped commission, so your salary can be dependant on how successful you are in your job each month.

At entry level, you could be looking at telesales jobs or sales retail jobs. You might work as part of a telesales team or be a telesales consultant for a company. A retail sales assistant role might include selling face to face in a retail environment. Field sales jobs are also a popular entry level position for this kind of work. This can be an exciting role and you will spend most of your time out of the office.

The likelihood of progressing depends on quantifiable performance. If you manage to get leads and successful sales regularly, you could be promoted to a sales exectuive role. There are also other areas this position would open up, such as sales and marketing or business development.


What skills do you need to work in sales?

We are extremely selective about the type of candidate we recommend for sales roles; these individuals are the “faces” of your business, they are the people who leave the lasting impression about a company and so we ensure that the sales people we have interviewed will be individuals who will represent your company professionally at all times.

There are certain personality traits and skills which can realy excel your chances of getting a job in a sales role and making progress.

  • Confidence and positive attitude – If genuine, this facet of your personality will really shine through and make your clients like and appreciate you
  • Resilience – taking all things (good and bad) in your stride is essential. This belief in yourself will not only affect you, but your clients and coworkers alike.
  • Communication both ways – not only having excellent verbal and written communication skills, but being able to really listen to and respond to your customers needs is essential when securing return business and a positive reputation
  • Quick thinking – being able to think on your feet, respond on the spot to customer queries and think outside of the box in terms of effective solutions in a key aspect of making progress in a sales career.

Thanks Natalie, I have enjoyed working with you, and it has been a refreshing change for an agency not to hound me the minute I showed an interest! This quality sets Alexander Hancock aside from most if not all of the agencies I have previously dealt with.