Part Time Work Manchester

Part-time workers generally work under 35 hours a week, less than that of a full-time employee. Within today’s market and people’s lifestyles, part-time work has become much more popular with the older generations as well as the younger. The need for more flexible hours has increased and companies recognise that standard office hours aren’t always the most suitable for their business model and their employees. We recruit candidates looking for part-time employment with extensive experience in all areas of work.

We recruit part-time candidates in all sectors and categories including:

  • Telesales
  • Accounts
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Health Service


Job Category:

Job Type:

Part Time Secretary/Customer Service

Job Ref: 5758

Job Type: PART

Location: Prestwich

Salary: £8.50 per hour

Thank you and your team so much for putting me forward to the Marketing Executive position. I was delighted when you called me this afternoon to tell me I had got the job. The professionalism that you have shown is truly outstanding ,your support and feedback have been fantastic. I have recommended you to all the good people I know and I cannot sing your company’s praise high enough, you show how recruitment consultancies work at their very best but alas most do not even come close to your professionalism. Again Natalie thank you so much