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As MD or CEO of the business, you’ll be wholly accountable for everything that happens within your enterprise and ultimately responsible for the overall success of the organisation.

But you won’t be alone and appointing your counterparts in the c-suite is possibly one of the most important duties you’ll carry out. After all, you’ll need a like-minded team you can trust alongside you at the top to help you execute not only your fiduciary duties but also achieve the visions and ambitions you have for the future.

Our clients are constantly searching for charismatic yet strong leaders to help them realise their commercial ambitions.

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The CEO defines the organisation

The role of the CEO is certainly the helmsman of any organisation, they will define the very ethos of the business and help shape the vision of the future. It’s interesting to see how the position has broadened in recent times as CEO’s devolve higher levels of responsibility to their CEO, CFO and HR Directors.

But that doesn’t leave them sitting in the corner office with nothing to do but attend long lunches, far from it.

This new release allows a progressive CEO to create and convey broader strategies for the company. Exploring both new areas for growth and new opportunities to consolidate and secure the core business.

This means the modern CEO is increasingly well connected, influential and charismatic, with the capacity to engage and empower the operational teams so they drive the changes being shaped at the top.

Senior tasks include;

  • Shaping major corporate policies
  • Manging overall operations
  • Reporting to the board and its shareholders
  • Making well-informed key decisions
  • Developing industry relationships
  • Increasing the overall value of the company

No business can be successful without strong leadership and clear direction and so you’ll find yourself very much the driving force of your enterprise. This exceptionally demanding but satisfying role allows you to shape and steer your organisation, allowing you to leave a lasting legacy which can carry on long after you move on.

CEO opportunities

You might already occupy the role of MD or CEO elsewhere and be looking to make the move to a role with greater influence, or you might be making the well-established path of moving from CFO or COO, to the highest-ranking seat in the company.

Wherever you are, here at Alexander Hancock, we’ve enjoyed many years of working with the best clients who offer some truly exceptional opportunities. This means we always have a database of high-level openings which gives you direct and immediate access to the most exciting vacancies in Chief Executive Officer recruitment

Additionally, our trusted reputation for presenting only the best candidates suited to specific roles means you’ll be fast-tracked around those early recruitment barriers for exclusive chief executive officer jobs.

Working together

At Alexander Hancock, you’ll find we are personal, professional, discreet and hardworking and we pride ourselves on creating that perfect match. Consequently, we will only place you in front of the very best opportunities based on who you are as an individual.

Whichever position you’re in, our experienced and talented team can guide you through the present opportunities and even reach out to companies on your target list.

Make a call to a member of our senior team today and let’s discuss your next move.

Please may I take this opportunity to thank all concerned regarding my recent meeting and interview with Anneliese Alexander on 20/02/19. Conducted very professionally in a relaxed environment which facilitates good debate and discussions and I enjoyed the interview very much. Look forward to further dialogue with you in the near future all being well and I wish your business future success. Thanks again.