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Recruiting in Manchester, Stockport, Trafford Park, Bury, Warrington and the Greater Manchester area

Business Management Jobs

Alexander Hancock are a renowned recruitment agency in the North West. Our experienced team of recruitment consultants are dedicated to helping businesses in Cheshire and Greater Manchester find the perfect staff for their companies. Many of the high-calibre individuals we successfully recruit for jobs are ultimate promoted to managerial roles by our clients, but we also recruit specifically for managerial roles. Our outstanding managerial candidates have been employed in a range of business management jobs, including:

  • Customer Service Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Accounts Office Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Call Centre Managers
  • Facilities/Health and Safety Managers
  • Legal Team Managers
  • Office Managers

If you are looking to fill a managerial role, our team of expert recruitment consultants will be able to help. If you are looking to fill a managerial role in your business, our team of highly experienced recruitment consultants will be able to help.


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ECommerce Manager

Job Ref: 7006

Job Type: PERM

Location: Manchester

Salary: £30,000

Posted: 19th April, 2021

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Head of ECommerce

Job Ref: 6972

Job Type: PERM

Location: Stockport

Salary: £90,000

Posted: 15th March, 2021

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We understand that trying to find someone to fill a managerial role is often difficult, and that’s where we come in. We will help you find the ideal person for your management job by identifying your requirements and sourcing high-calibre candidates that are tailored to your specification. Whether you favour experience or qualifications, our team will work with you to ensure we choose only the best candidate for your role. Whatever industry your company operates in, your managers will be responsible for making important business decisions, taking care of teams of staff, overseeing business operations, tracking productivity, and reporting to directs and other senior members of staff, so it is essential that you choose your management team wisely. We will help you find trustworthy, meticulous and dedicated managerial candidates with the leadership, communication and problem-solving skills required to be a successful manager.

As well as searching for business and department managers, many of our clients look for dedicated project managers to run their projects. Project managers are responsible for overseeing projects and ensuring their success. We have successfully recruited candidates for a project manager jobs in various industries and will be able to help you in your search for a competent, efficient and successful project manager.

Are you an experienced manager looking for a new and exciting managerial role or project manager job? If you are looking to change your job but don’t know where to start, our recruiters will be able to help. We will use your experience, qualifications and job preferences to find roles that are perfect for you. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time or temporary work in HR, facilitates management or legal management, we will be able to find the perfect job for you.

Dear Natalie, Today as you know was the first day and it was all great. These people are very kind, caring and supportive and they made me feel quite confident as a new starter.  At the end of the day I had a quick chat with one of the directors called Richard and he just wanted to tell me I should let him know if there is anything i would like to talk about which was very impressive! So everything is great and I am happy ! all for your help. 🙂  It will be a pleasure for me to be in touch with you, I do not have any family here so having a wise lady like you will be like a treasure.