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Recruiting in Manchester, Stockport, Trafford Park, Bury, Warrington and the Greater Manchester area

Logistics / Supply Chain Jobs

Within the Logistics and Supply Chain industries, we recruit the best candidates across the North West. We recruit for both transport forwarding businesses and in-house supply chain, logistics, production and stock control departments. All candidates must have experience whether that be in import or export or within MRP, ERP or SA

In any industry, goods need to be procured and stored, packaged and dispatched. Every retail chain is stocked by a supply chain. Therefore there is a constant demand for employees within this sector, and graduates in this area can benefit from a wide choice of career opportunities.

Roles we recruit for include:

  • Import/Export
  • Materials Controllers
  • Stock Control
  • Purchasing
  • Production Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Warehouse Administration
  • Sea/Air/Road Freight


Job Category:

Job Type:


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Supply Chain Administrator

Job Ref: 7033

Job Type: PERM

Location: Stockport

Salary: £19,000 - £20,000

Posted: 10th May, 2021

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Warehouse Team Leader

Job Ref: 7010

Job Type: PERM

Location: Trafford Park

Salary: £26,000 - £28,000

Posted: 4th May, 2021

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Senior On Line Retail & Stock Control Co-ordinator

Job Ref: 7018

Job Type: PERM

Location: Altrincham

Salary: £26,000 - £27,000

Posted: 27th April, 2021

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Despatch Office Supervisor

Job Ref: 7003

Job Type: PERM

Location: Worsley

Salary: £Competitive

Posted: 14th April, 2021

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Imports Analyst

Job Ref: 6970

Job Type: PERM

Location: Radcliffe

Salary: £Competitive

Posted: 15th March, 2021

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Warehouse Operative

Job Ref: 6886

Job Type: PERM

Location: Altrincham

Salary: £18,000 - £20,000

Posted: 9th December, 2020

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Warehouse Operative

Job Ref: 6886

Job Type: PERM

Location: Altrincham

Salary: £18,000 - £19,000

Posted: 15th October, 2020

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Logistics and supply chain job expectations

Coordination is critical to many large businesses and supply chains. Production and delivery of good and services needs to be constantly organised and overlooked to ensure a smooth flow of work and efficiency. Working in a logistics position, you could be on the production planning team for a large project, controlling stock rotation and administering duties in a warehouse, or planning out delivery routes. There are many possibilities but each requires a cool head under pressure.

It is difficult to get an idea of a ‘typical day’ in this sector of work due to the wide variety of different different roles you might be involved in. In addition to this, supply chains are necessary in a great many industries, from retail to food processing. If there is one thing that can be said of all logistics and supply chain jobs, it is that it requires absolute accuracy and attention to detail. Deliveries need to be made accurately to order, delivered in a timely fashion and without depleting in quality.

What type of logistics job could I get?

If you have a relevant degree for this type of career, you may be able to start with a position in production planning, scheduling deliveries, purchasing or warehouse administration. If do not have an education specific to this sector, an inquisitiveness and desire to find and understand patterns will help form efficient workflows and maximise productivity in a job such as this.

If you don’t feel any of our current logistics jobs suit you, consider taking a look at vacancies in the administration sector. If you already have experience in this area you may find your skills better put to use in a management position.


Benefits of working in a logistics and supply chain role

If you decide to choose a job in this sector, you can enjoy these as some of the benefits:

  • Fast sector growth – this is an industry which has more job vacancies than ever, and it continues to grow. Unlike careers in subjects such as medicine, science or law, this type of job is usually overlooked by others searching for a step on the ladder to a career.
  • A higher salary – the average wage for someone working in this sector is £15.53 per hour, much higher than the minimum wage. This has the opportunity to grow as you take on more responsibility.
  • Variety in day to day work – so many organisations, companies and full industries are reliant on supply chains, you can look forward to a variety of day to day duties, in offices, factories, warehouses and likely overseas travel as well.
  • Although we mentioned above that if you have a degree related to this area of expertise, you may be able to start in a position of management, there are no special qualifications necessary to get into a career in logistics. Employers tend to look for a particular mindset and personality combined with some specific skills. You may also be asked to sit some tests in basic maths or logic but these leave the opportunity for you to demonstrate skills you may have.

Contact the team at Alexander Hancock to find out more information about the jobs in logistics and supply chains on 0161 929 6665 or apply for one of our current vacancies below.

Thank you and your team so much for putting me forward to the Marketing Executive position. I was delighted when you called me this afternoon to tell me I had got the job. The professionalism that you have shown is truly outstanding ,your support and feedback have been fantastic. I have recommended you to all the good people I know and I cannot sing your company’s praise high enough, you show how recruitment consultancies work at their very best but alas most do not even come close to your professionalism. Again Natalie thank you so much