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Languages Jobs

Language roles play an ever-increasing part in daily business in a global world, and being able to speak multiple languages to a high standard will naturally increase your employability and your potential value to employers.

Fluency in multiple languages shows that you have an aptitude for learning and for so-called ‘soft skills’ like communication, which are transferable across different roles, responsibilities and sectors.

Despite this, it can be very difficult to recruit candidates with specific language skills, which is why at Alexander Hancock we make certain to put the necessary focus on finding the languages that each employer needs, and making clear when they are an essential part of the job opportunity for applicants.

From our office in Altrincham we recruit for positions in Manchester, StockportOldham and other areas.


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This all helps to make sure that these priority skills are not overlooked during the recruitment process, so that employer and employee alike benefit from the best possible fit for the role that is available.

Types of Language Jobs

Aptitude in a European foreign language or in any major or emerging economy can be a huge advantage when applying for all types of language and linguistics jobs.

In particular, employers often seek candidates with a good level of proficiency or fluency in:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

The greater your level of fluency, the better, but this will vary between different linguistics roles, so for example you might need to know a particular language to a fairly proficient conversational level, or to a detailed enough degree that you would be able to translate between languages for somebody else.

English in Linguistics Roles

In many cases learning a foreign language can improve your English speaking too, but it’s worth noting that employers will often look for a high level of English aptitude when recruiting for linguistics roles.

This is because you might be asked to deal with partners, suppliers and customers who speak English as a second language – making it important to be able to communicate clearly with them, without coming across as patronising.

For this reason, Alexander Hancock will often take into account your English capabilities, as well as your proficiency in the required second language and your ability to interpret or translate between the two at conversational speed.

If you are a candidate interested in linguistics careers but you currently do not have the required proficiency in the most sought-after languages, get in touch and we will be happy to talk through the opportunities that might be open to you and the languages that are most in demand right now.

We have many different vacancies for roles in Manchester, Trafford, Northwich, and other regions of the North West

I have been working with Natalie Alexander and her team for over 10 years and would be happy to recommend them to you because: 1. They conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner
2. They take great care to ensure that they fully understand the brief given to them for the recruitment need and are happy to come back to you to clarify any instructions
3. Good advice is given about suitability of job description, person specifications and market salary ranges
4. Very importantly when suitable candidates have not been sourced they will keep you updated and not send unsuitable cvs. Candidates who are presented have been thoroughly screened – saving much time for our HR department.
5. Response to placing vacancies is always speedy
6. Interviews are arranged as quickly as possible with alternative dates and times suggested if necessary
7. We are delighted that they are able to match our high standards and provide candidates of a high calibre
8. Best of all – they love a challenge to find people to fill the more unusual vacancies that do not match their usual agency profile They are the experts in this field and for us it is money well spent in assisting us to find the best possible employees for our expanding and successful business.