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HR Director

As HR Director within the business, you are ultimately responsible for arguably the company’s most valuable assets, its people.

Creating an encouraging environment which is both enjoyable to work in and productive for the benefit of the company is no easy task, which means our clients only seek high calibre individuals, who can breed a culture of confidence and optimism where every member of staff can feel positive and valuable.

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HR Director: a key member of the team

Being responsible for the humans within the business isn’t for the faint-hearted and more suited to those who are organised, empathetic, structured and capable of withstanding both the existing and ever-increasing deluge of regulations.

Many of the things that were once ‘permissible’ in workplaces of the past are now considered highly unsuitable and your diplomacy and skills as both mediator and executioner will certainly test your ability to balance the duties.

Already occupying a senior HR role, you’ll understand the day to day responsibilities include;

  • Recruitment and dismissals
  • Retention targets
  • Environmental and personal well-being
  • Dispute resolution
  • Upskilling, training and education
  • HR policy setting

The HR director role

This is an extremely demanding yet fulfilling position as you’ll be the person everybody looks towards to not only create a positive environment but to solve all those important issues that arise daily.

However, it’s a satisfying career and one where you might find you remain in position for some time as the rewards can be exceptional. As can the sense of belonging you will create, being responsible for the entire human activity within the company. Once you’ve shaped the entire collective face of a high performing organisation, it’s never a position one can leave lightly.

Rewards are commensurate with the gravity of the position and salaries within this sector are amongst the best in any company, even compared to salaries within the c-suite roles, thus verifying the value placed on your work.

HR Director Opportunities

Here at Alexander Hancock, we understand the candidate should connect on a personal level with both the environment and the ethos of the business, also vital is being in sync with the executives occupying other senior roles.

WE have enjoyed many years of working with the best clients who offer some truly exceptional opportunities. This means we always have a database of high-level openings which gives you direct and immediate access to the most exciting vacancies.

Additionally, our trusted reputation for presenting only the best candidates suited to specific roles means you’ll be fast-tracked around those early recruitment barriers.

How can we help?

We are among the best executive search agencies in our area. We will establish target roles and companies with you and use our client database to match you with ideal executive level jobs. Get in touch with us today to begin the journey down your next career path.

I was very impressed with Alexander Hancock’s recruitment services. I was invited into their offices for an interview and given the choice of two immediate vacancies, both of which sounded fabulous. Anneliese organised an interview straight away that week with one of the companies. During that week I received an amazing amount of support including interview technique. I even had a reminder call on the day of the interview. I then received update calls regarding company feedback and reaction after the interview-and when I got the job Anneliese was straight on the phone to give me the good news. The support didn’t end there… I have had calls to confirm that the contract is on its way and making sure I was happy with every thing. The service has been so friendly and supportive,I can’t thank Anneliese enough! I’ll definitely be recommending this agency to anyone who is looking for employment. (I am still waiting to hear from other agencies in Manchester that I signed on with!!)