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Call Centre Jobs

Call centres date back to the 1960s but have become one of the largest employers of the 20th century. Call centres are where KPI’s, SLA’s, Call Handling rates and predictive dialer systems are the key phrases and we excel in this area.

It seems to be a well talked about fact that call centres generally have a high staff turnover rate, however, we do not. We never compromise on the level of candidates that we recruit for our clients. We only recruit highly experienced customer service people, those who will enjoy working in a call centre, handling volume calls and creating the right customer experience for our customers of our clients. Learn more about working in a call centre here.


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Call centre career expectations

Some of the call centre vacancies we cover include:

  • Call Centre Executives
  • Call Centre Team Leaders
  • Compliance and Training staff
  • Call Centre Managers

There is no set route into this type of role. Previous experience that sets you as qualified to work within a call centre, however most call centres offer on-the-job training which is one of the benefits of working in the industry. This type of career is very broad as a great many companies employ call centres to handle the large volume of customer calls they receive. Therefore you have the option to work in a number of different industries if you decide to go down the call centre career route. There are also many different roles you can fulfil working in this position, from sales advisers to customer service representative, or you could even work in the management of call centre operations.

If you cannot find the type of call centre role for you here, consider vacancies in other customer service sectors. If you believe your skill set fits a call centre role, you may have the right strengths for a career in languages as well.


The skills you need to work in a call centre

The type of person who excels in a call centre is able to cope in a fast paced, and sometimes stressful environment. They will be required to answer all inbound calls even during busy periods. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a challenge and keeps a focused mind then you will probably find this an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere to work in. An ability to multitask and think on your feet is also beneficial as you will be expected to take calls quickly and each call will present a unique challenge.

You can increase your chances of getting a career as a call centre agent if you have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office. Another skill which is advantageous for this role is the ability to read and write in other languages. If you are starting at a customer service advisory position you can probably expect to have a basic salary to begin with. This has every likelihood of increasing as you have the freedom to move up the career ladder when you take on more responsibility. That being said, there are benefits of working in a call centre which offer a higher salary, like working night shifts and working overtime.


Benefits of working in a call centre

If you are offered a position in a call centre, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Flexible working hours – useful if you need to work around other life commitments like children or studying.
  • Varied working days – you will probably be dealing with a number of different challenges each day and speaking with an even larger volume of customers. This excellent experience, transferable to any customer service sector.
  • Accessibility – this role rarely requires any former experience as training is straightforward. If you lack work experience this may be one of the best ways to get your foot on the first rung of the career ladder.
  • Lower volume of work – this is a job that stops when you leave the office door. If you are the type of person who likes or needs to keep work and home life separate, a call centre could be a convenient solution for you.

Contact the team at Alexander Hancock to find out more information about the Call Centre job vacancies on 0161 929 6665 or apply for one of our current vacancies below.

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