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Types of interviews – Be prepared for all of them!

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Friday, August 16th, 2019

The workplace is changing fast and the stuffy old ways of interviewing can often go by the wayside.

So don’t be surprised if the interview process is a bit different from the norm.


Telephone interview

These are really common nowadays as so many companies recruit remotely. But it can also just be the first stage of a longer interview process, especially if the interviewer is some distance away.

Much of our communication is done visually through body language, but in this case, you’ll be relying solely on your voice.

So be expressive. Alter your tone and pace to make it interesting and here’s our top tip – practice in private first and record your answers on your phone, then play them back.

At first, you might be surprised how awkward you sound, but practice makes perfect.


One-to-one interview

This is the standard and you should be well prepared, both in terms of your punctuality, dress code and your answers. Try and make sure to have a great conversation rather than a robotic questions and answers session.


Group interview

The pressure is off here a little as you’ll be working in a group. But remember, the main objective of the interview team is to see how well you’ll fit into the company team.

So, muck in and make sure you interact with all the other interviewees as well as the existing employees. Try a mix of toeing the line and taking the lead.

A nice tip here though is to ask a specific question to one of the team. This will help them remember you.


Panel interview

The pressure is on here and this can seem pretty daunting but this is actually a great way of speeding up the interview process as the key people can all be in the room at the same time and make a quick decision.

The key here is to make eye contact with everyone and remember their names.

When it comes to answering the questions, it’s courtesy to aim the greater part of your answer at the person who asked the question, but also include the others in proportion. Do this by making eye contact during your answer with those who didn’t ask the question.

Also, try not to fidget, three people can pick up more of your body language than one, so once again, prepare in the mirror and stop any of those quirky twitches to a minimum.


Competency-based interviews

These are more likely to occur in technical interviews, but they can also creep into mainstream jobs such as secretarial positions. It’s not uncommon to be asked to demonstrate your Microsoft abilities such as creating a spreadsheet or a presentation, sometimes against the clock.


Portfolio interviews

A portfolio interview is a meeting where you will be expected to demonstrate examples of your existing work and talents. For example; you might be a graphic designer with a portfolio of creative work you’ve done for existing clients.

Of course, you’ll want to present your work in the best possible light, so as well as having some examples on your laptop or iPad, have some printed out on high-quality materials and leave these with the interviewers.


We can help you prepare

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