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The News of the World and why it matters

Posted in society

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The closure of the News of the World has many ramifications, not only for the 250 recently unemployed staff who seem to be scapegoats for the immoral judgements made by their Management team, not only for the important and crucial ethos that we have a Free Press and actually not only for the innocent people who have had their liberties and privacy violated and for whom I have the utmost sympathy, but HOPEFULLY for society as a whole.

Once the frenzy has died down, it would be quite wonderful if society took a step back and took a long hard look at itself and how it operates. And don’t let celebrities and MPs take charge here, they have very selfish motives as to why they want to change the way the press operates. This should be led by the people of this country who are tired of “Its all about me”, weary of hearing the chant ” What about My Rights ?” and desperate to bring back morals, ethics and understand that society is a joint effort. Its the only way for society to operate, standing together as a group, taking all the parts together to achieve a whole.

And why is this important for work… well we have seen at a very basic level how important Branding, Perception and First Impressions really are. Hats off to Ford for leading the way. They understood immediately how their brand would be affected by being associated with News of the World. And this happens every single time you go for an interview, you are branding yourself, you are selling yourself, asking to be a part of a whole, so my advice is.. look the part, be the part, be someone the interviewer wants to buy into. Individuality is for home, conforming is for work.. and this continues when you are in work.

Work is a culmination of people from many diverse backgrounds coming together to achieve a joint aim, and that is not only salary or profits achieved but also job, personal and team satisfaction together with social interaction. Its a society within society.

So you know what? Its not all about you, its about your team, its about respect and this works both ways. After salary, respect and recognition are the most important reasons why people leave a job. Managers should take note of that, a pat on the back or a Thank You can mean so much more than a 3% payrise. In fact many less well paid employees will stay longer with a company that values them than a better paid employee whose efforts are not recognised. And in certain sectors Companies who treat their employees poorly HAVE to pay more than the industry norm in order to attract staff, imagine how much they could cut from overheads if only they learnt to say “Well Done!”

So maybe the News of the World debacle will have a positive slant for us all, maybe we will start to understand how important our First Impressions are, how important our Branding is, in work and the world at large and maybe we will recognise that we operate as a team for the good of the whole not the individual parts