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What are the prospects for the Younger Generation?

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Watched an interesting interview on BBC News this morning, between a lady from Connexions responsible for youth employment and a professional headhunter.

The lady, sorry her name escapes me, tried to say that the youth of today are desperate to work, and the Headhunter coined Mr Tebbit’s phrase of  getting on one’s bike.

I think the truth lies somewhere in between.. I feel so sorry for the younger generation. What does the future hold for them? Is it correct, and I think it may well be, that this will be first generation that is less well off than its parents.. now I don’t think that this in itself is an issue, a shame but not the end of the world.

However what is more serious is the lack of jobs for them. If we have raised the age at which people retire, that means that there is less movement upwards in the job chain and ultimately that means there are less jobs at the beginning of the ladder. No jobs for the younger generation.. has noone in Government got that very basic fact?? and if not why not??

 I ultimately believe that we are facing a  generation, if not many generations, of unemployed youth who may well never find a job. The adage…The longer you are out of work the harder it is to find work, is an absolute truth.

Now about getting on your bike…. well there is most definitely some truth in that also.. We have developed a culture in this country whereby we are owed something.. by whom may I ask?

Actually we owe ourselves something.. self respect, a work ethic and a desire to succeed.. this country has been so dumbed down its criminal. The last government was so keen to protect the weakest that it took away the ability of so many to support themselves. The Benefit system allowed so many to opt out of work and that attitude became the norm. Why would you work if you got paid more in benefit? Well how about because you achieve something at the end of each day? How about because work gives you a place in society? How about because you won’t always be on that salary and you can progress, earn more, and value your self more?

I read a letter in the Times from a GP saying that the way the NHS handles the elderly is not about faults within the NHS but more an indication of how society as a whole operates.. and he is right.  This problem highlights an issue throughout modern day Britain..This lack of care, this lack of self respect, the desire to work, the desire to achieve, the desire to stand on ones own two feet and most importantly the desire to contribute to society has all but been eroded.

So if this is true of the adult population, what chance for the younger? So many, not all but many, of the youth of today can’t be “Bovvered”, have no sense of urgency, do not understand how important it is to have manners, to turn up on time, don’t think twice about not turning up for interviews..NOT all of them I grant you, but those youngsters who do want to work stand out like stars and we get them work.. the rest, well unless there is a huge culture shift then they will be on a scrap heap even before they leave school, or university.. and what does that say about our society??