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PA Prep: What to expect day to day in your new PA job

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The first day at work in any new job can be challenging as you try to learn the ropes as quickly as possible, but when you’re a personal assistant it’s even more important to hit the ground running so you can excel in your role.

Once you’re past that first day, week and month, you’re likely to settle into more of a routine – although of course there will be surprises along the way too.

Here’s our guide to what to expect on the first day as a PA and what is likely to follow on a ‘normal’ day after that…

How to prepare for a PA role

By the time you’re given the job as a PA, it’s likely that you will know exactly who you will be assisting – and you probably met them at the interview stage.

This gives you a great opportunity to do your background research, find out the kinds of appointments and commitments you will need to keep on top of, and start planning a daily schedule.

Make sure you know what tools you would like to use to keep track of things. You might prefer a paper diary or calendar you can easily jot things down on, or an electronic or email-based calendar that triggers automatic reminders – whatever works best for you.

First day as a PA

Your first day is about getting your bearings, and as much as you might want to start at full speed ahead, it’s not always possible to do that.

There’s likely to be certain orientation sessions, whether that’s meeting your managers and colleagues, learning about the company culture, health and safety, and fire evacuation routine, or some other kind of icebreaker or introduction.

But you’ll usually have at least some time to yourself too, and this is your chance to familiarise yourself with your new working environment, any computer equipment and other tools at your disposal, and start your planning.

How to excel quickly

The PA role is all about organisation, so the sooner you can get your plans in order, the better.

You might want to start by drawing up a timetable for regular commitments and available appointments for one-off meetings, interviews and other events.

Even if you’re a natural when it comes to time-keeping, you may also want to set up some reminders so you don’t miss anything important in your first few days.

Day two and beyond…

Congratulations, you survived your first day in a high-stress PA role – now comes the rest of your career!

That planning you already made will prove helpful in the long term, as you settle into a routine of repetitive weekly meetings and other commitments, occasional interviews and one-off events, and ongoing responsibility for timekeeping

A lot of your role may prove to be admin support, from ghost-writing correspondence from your boss, to photocopying spare copies of important documents.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s the bread and butter of the role, and should leave you able to put your attention on making sure your boss never misses an important engagement, no matter how long you are their PA.

If you’re interested in becoming a PA, give us a call today to get started on the road to success!