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One in Five: Young and Jobless

Posted in interview-tips

This was The Times’s headline, Wednesday 13th April and there is one point I would like to pick up on from it… the article looked at 6 young people who were unemployed, different levels of education all with little or no experience and all of whom wanted to work.. so at least their attitude was right

One girl in particular was individual in her “look”,  punk red hair piercings etc.. now I am all for individuality, my son is an individual and I love him for it, but please lets not be naive about this.. you have to look the part to get the part.. I do not care how relaxed society is today, how we should embrace individuality or how we should not judge someone on how they look.. we do judge and its a scientific human process.. our advice to anyone looking for work is to invest in an interview outfit, a bland smart conformist outfit.. when you get the job, wear whatever you fancy but first impressions count, it takes 5 seconds to make a good/bad first impression and once made it is almost impossible to change it..we hear and retain only a small proportion of what is said but our brains “see” everything and remember it permanently..

so worry less about making a verbal gaffe at an interview and more about how you look because how you look says something about who you are and more importantly how you will perform in a job.. look sloppy, work sloppy, look individual then unlikely to be a team player, look outlandish unlikely to follow company processes, look smart, work smart, look tidy work tidy, look conformist, fit in with team.. I will bet even Richard Branson, when he went for his first interview with the banks to raise money for his Virgin ventures, would have put his woolly trademark jumpers to the back of the wardrobe and dragged out a little worn but well cut suit shirt and tie!