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Life after the EU Referendum

Posted in society

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Nobody likes uncertainty but here is the thing; it is (as far as we can tell) a done deal and whatever your opinion, right now, this is the world in which need to operate today.

I am not going to hash through the pros and negatives of Leaving or Staying as quite honestly we have been talked at for the last 3 months and we are all tired of listening to so called experts who have not worked at ground level for a long long time, if ever.

It appears that for the next few months and, until our 2 major parties get their respective houses in order, we, the people of this country, are going to be responsible for getting the economy stabilised and moving forward.

The financial markets get jumpy every time the Governor of the Bank of England sneezes, but they are not actually responsible for making things happen, they react to conditions that they decide are favourable or not, probably based on their bonuses (did I just say that???!!!).. and they have already started to settle down again.

The media? They are only really interested in selling papers/clicks on their website and can actually do more damage. What they rarely do is what they are supposed to do, which is to report facts.

And what of the EU? Can they really afford to upset the 5th largest economy in the world by not agreeing trade deals with us? Well I doubt it, so expect to hear a fair bit of sabre rattling in the coming months. I am sure, however that eventually we will come to an agreement which benefits both sides; this happens in even the nastiest of divorces! We need people talent from the EU and they need to sell their products to us. A deal will be struck.

And the rest of the world? Well South Korea, Canada, Australia, India and even the US have stated that they want to set up trade agreements with Good Old Blighty…So I think we should “Keep Calm and We will Carry On”.

I don’t have a crystal ball and clearly I am no economic expert, but I do know that we can either wring our hands in despair or we can look at this as an opportunity to change what everyone, even the most pro EU individuals, have known that the EU needs to reform and this is our chance to look outwards to the rest of the world, build strong relationships whilst re-negotiating with our European neighbours a new, more sustainable relationship for the future.

Why am I so positive? I have the utmost confidence in this country.. we may be small in size but we are huge in talent, design, expertise, ability and our brand means something in the world. History has proved that we are leaders, game changers, brilliant in the face of adversity and we have never, ever been afraid of standing up for what is right, even in the darkest of times.

And confidence breeds confidence. The more we think positively, the more we can identify opportunities. It may not be an easy journey ahead, but positive mental attitude is a far more constructive road to success.