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Jubilee Celebrations

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All around the UK , bunting and Union Jacks are flying, from houses, shops, offices and on cars… how brilliant is that? How wonderfully British? How patriotic? And just how up lifting for the spirit?

I love Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s song. I think the Video from around the Commonwealth is fantastic, my crush on Prince Harry grows daily and quite honestly I love the Royal Family.

The Queen is the most amazing woman who runs on, our behalf, the marketing and PR Department of one of the most prestigious companies in the World, The UK..and she is excellent at her job… seriously do Republicans really think that Sarkozy, Merkel, or even an Obama could do better than our lady in a crown?  And I adore the Duke of Edinburgh as he sums up all that is British, his humour, his mistakes and his incredible sense of duty and so I and millions like me around the country are going to spend some, if not all, of this weekend celebrating our Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Not for me whining about the cost to economy of an extra Bank Holiday, no sir I will be marinating my chicken, chilling my wine, tossing my salads, hanging out my Union Jack Flag, my bunting and my pride and joy, putting together my LIFE SIZE cardboard cut out of Elizabeth II in all her lilac glory, complete with hat and handbag.. now does anyone know where I can get a couple of Corgies to complete the picture????

Have a fantastic weekend, God Bless our Queen and enjoy the break.. ps do you think she is as excited as I am???