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Improving Our Service to You: Our Candidate

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Friday, April 25th, 2014

My stepfather, an ex-stockbroker, always said that recruitment companies were a very good barometer of the performance of the economy and based on the number of new jobs we are handling, I think I can say that the economy is most definitely on the up and up.

This is great news for us all, but it does mean that we are extremely busy. Heck I have had to forgo my Starbucks Stop in the morning as I need the extra 15 mins in the office to select and call candidates for jobs, rather than satisfy my caffeine fix!

This has a number of implications for our candidates. Obviously, it means more and better opportunities for you but we also understand that candidates can sometimes become very frustrated with us not feeding back on applications, we know you can feel unloved, unappreciated or that you are just a “fee” to our industry….but….

I want to tell you that this is absolutely NOT the case at Alexander Hancock, we totally understand that OUR success is purely down to you, our candidates.. without you we do not have a business, without you we would not have the first-class reputation we have with our clients, so trust me when I say you are very much appreciated and you are most definitely not just a fee to us, you are everything to us.

Managing Expectations

BUT I want to manage your expectations of what we can realistically do on a daily basis. We spend ALL day interviewing and selecting candidates to be sent for jobs, arranging interviews and following up on interviews..

doesn’t sound like much I know but believe it or not, this is a constant non-stop process from the minute we arrive in the office until we go home SO… and this is the crucial bit… we need you to chase us for feedback on applications at the stage at which we have sent your CV out for a role.. you are not hassling us, you are doing us a favour… we would love to come back to you each and every time we send your CV out to a client but we just can’t, that is all we would do in a day and we think you would rather we were arranging interviews and getting you jobs.. so email us, ask us what is happening, and we will tell you all we know with absolute pleasure.

Trust me if you get an interview, we will be calling you straight away… and if you go for an interview on our behalf then we will always come back to you with feedback BUT if you want to know anything about the CV application stage then please email or call us.

I hope that makes sense to you, I hope that means that our candidates will understand and be happier with our service levels because you truly are the lifeblood of our business and we are very grateful that you have trusted us with your search for alternative employment… have a great weekend x