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Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Posted in society

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

So our Queen is 90, and I for one would like to offer my sincere congratulations to a true icon of the Modern Age. The Queen stands for all that I believe to be amazing about this country; first our incredible history, unmatched by any other country on this planet and the reason why millions flock to our country every year to gape and photograph our landmarks, and her Majesty is our greatest asset of all.

Her role as our monarch ensures our place on the world stage; we may be a small country and there are many who feel that Great Britain punches above her weight, but as someone who is somewhat small of stature I can tell you size is not everything; it is what you are able to achieve that is important. Great Britain is and always will be incredibly influential; our justice system, our transport systems, our parliamentarian system, our education system, to name but a handful, are copied all over the world. And those that have not been copied, such as the NHS, are envied, you only have to ask the President of the United States what he would have liked to have achieved during his time at the White House to know that. In fact I would say that those who consider us to be “Little Britain” are not only under estimating our influence but also seem to be the first to turn to approach our Government when they need support. Some may find us irritating, but truth be told we are admired for our sense of fair play, justice, innovation and intelligence, even by those who are irritated by us.  And The Queen is one of the reasons for that, she gives us a sense of stability, of permanence. We are a country who keeps their head when all around seem to be losing theirs.

But it is not only her status as The Queen that I admire; it is who she is as a person.. I watched kids (albeit cute) practising their songs for her visit to their school on TV this morning and my first thought was “the poor woman, can she really be bothered to go and listen to kids who are not even her own, perform, it was bad enough when I had to sit through my children’s school concerts twice a year. She has to do this ALL the time, wouldn’t she rather go horse riding on her birthday?” Yep, I am damn sure she would but she doesn’t because of her sense of responsibility to her “job”. She does not let people down, she knows what is expected of her and she delivers on those expectations day in and day out. Even little gestures such as making sure the hat she wears does not in any way cover her face because she knows people want to see her; even if she herself would prefer a different style. Or the brightly coloured suits she wears so she stands out in the crowd when in fact she seems to prefer more muted colours when relaxing; she puts the needs/considerations of others first. These attributes are very under played, and sadly missing from most of us today; thinking of others first, a sense of duty, exceeding expectations. Far too often we are concerned with what is in it for us, what can I get out of it and what about me?

Old fashioned then? No not my Queen; she embraces change, a change that has seen the more refined 40’s and 50’s become the Swinging 60’s, through the Hippy 70’s, the materialistic 80’s, the more reserved 90’s and now the self-aware/right on/world of selfie/celebrity filled noughties, and she has changed with those times, gracefully and with charm, presence and humour… you could also sense her sardonic sense of fun when she tweeted for the first time. But my own personal story about The Queen sums her up all that I love about her.

Every year I attend Royal Ascot with my husband and we are fortunate to be in the Royal Enclosure. There are a lot of rules you have to adhere to, one of which is not using mobile phones but having managed to lose my husband during a race I went out to an area, just outside the entrance to the Royal Box, that was empty of everyone except myself, another man and two women who were walking towards me. I am happily leaving a mobile message for Jack, when I look up and see the two women are Princess Anne and The Queen. Shock and horror at being caught breaking the rules, cause me to scream down the phone “F*ck me, IT’S THE QUEEN”.. Princess Anne laughed out loud, Her Majesty smiled, turned and calmly they both entered the Royal Box. The man next to me said, “I swear if I hadn’t been here I would never have believed Her Majesty would have smiled at that!!”…we only wished we had known what she said to Philip about it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she thought it was hilarious and a change from all the usual reaction she got.. doubt I will ever be invited to Buckingham Palace though…

Happy Birthday, Ma’am, wishing you many more.