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Recruiting for new candidates, especially at senior level can be a time consuming and costly affair. But using a specialist recruitment partner can help you avoid those issues and leave you in the enviable position of meeting with just two or three perfect candidates.

Here at Alexander Hancock, we are owner-managed, take time to understand our clients and offer an expert reach into a talented pool of candidates, as a rounded and fully professional executive recruitment consultancy.

This means looking for your next senior team member is less of a chore and more of a partnership to grow/secure your business.

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Candidate database

Over many years of working with high-level individuals across all sectors, we’ve built up an enviable database of senior candidates, many of whom would not apply to a direct job advertisement for fear of exposure.

This gives you direct and immediate access to the most talented and suitable candidates who are pre-screened and fully informed of the opportunity, greatly speeding up the recruitment process.

When you are presented with a handful of excellent prospects, you’re much more likely to find that perfect fit in a time-effective manner and the constant communication we have with our database translates into a much higher percentage a good match is found.

Reassuringly, our trustworthiness, honesty and clarity in choosing from this pool means we’re not afraid to advise against a candidate when we believe they may well not be a good fit.

Impartial and confidential approach

As a specialist recruiter, this allows us to move anonymously through the candidate pool without alerting the client’s current employees or the marketplace.  This is crucial when recruiting for a position where an employee is still incumbent but also means confidentiality is maintained within the business and the sector.

This benefit extends further, as we can reach out to carefully selected individuals anonymously and explore their appetite for a move.

When you combine this with a talented database to choose from, finding that perfect candidate is almost guaranteed.

Bringing candidates over the line

But our value is not just in those time-consuming early stages of placing adverts, sifting through the credible from the incredulous and managing multiple diaries.

It continues during the entire process, right through to ensuring the perfect candidate actually completes the move and joins your company.

Having gone the distance, had the offer accepted and filed the paperwork, there’s nothing more disappointing when a candidate makes a U-turn. Here at Alexander Hancock, we’re experienced in managing the dreaded counteroffer by an existing employer, and through constant communication, we are able to either spot this in its early stages or reassure them it’s the right move if they simply get cold feet.

This reassurance is one of the great benefits of using a recruiter as the costs of going through the process again aren’t appealing’.

Value for money

We understand return on investment is often a high priority with our clients as the temptation to go direct to the market and avoid recruitment costs is obvious. However, when your time and effort is translated into money, you’ll find our fees pleasantly realistic.

So whether you are experienced in working with recruiters or considering using a search team for the first time, you’ll find high value in appointing us as your partner.

Give one of our senior team a call and let’s discuss your opportunities.