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Executive Roles

It’s not the cost of hiring the right person that’s the issue, it’s the cost of hiring the wrong person.

But that can be a time-consuming exercise, as sorting the genuinely talented individuals specific to your exact needs from a generally talented population is a skill in itself.

That’s why choosing to retain a high-quality executive recruitment partner is fundamental when companies are looking to attract top candidates to complement their executive team, which is why many companies like to leave it to experienced recruiters when it comes to the early stages of talent acquisition.


Many companies trust recruitment professionals to find the best candidates for an interview, and often greater attention and trust to a CV presented by their recruitment partner. Don’t miss out on the best roles. Let us match your skills and ambitions to the perfect role for you.

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Narrowing down the field and presenting only the very best candidates most aligned for the position, affords a company the luxury of dedicating high quality and meaningful interview time to only the most suitable of contenders.

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Don’t listen to us! Listen to our clients. We go beyond what’s expected to deliver excellent long term results.

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Why choose Alexander Hancock?

Whether this is from an existing database or headhunting recruitment, the best opportunities are rarely advertised in the mainstream. This means that as an executive, it often pays to register with premier agencies in case the opportunity of a lifetime comes up. The chances are, a recruiter will hear about it first and have their candidates in place long before the company even considers advertising it.

Here at Alexander Hancock, we are ahead of many opportunities and treat executives with the respect they deserve. They are not thrown into a run of the mill executive recruitment agency but go through our extensive research and matching system ensuring they are only placed in front of companies that are a perfect fit, for senior management recruitment, leadership recruitment and more.

A recruiter takes time to understand their company partners and is not only able to act on a given brief but offer important market experience in order to advise on and improve that brief. Not only does this afford clarity on the position but also helps attract a more specific candidate to the interview. This results in an almost exact match which cuts down interview time, costs and ensures future business success. Both tenacity and discretion are required to attract high-level candidates in C-level recruitment, and an expert recruiter will also offer advice and guidance to interviewers helping them uncover the not always obvious qualities in candidates and just as importantly reveal their weaknesses.