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X-Factor Entry to Universities

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Friday, November 12th, 2010

So how about allowing Simon Cowell and a panel of judges to decide who should go to University? Is this not the future of society? Reality style interviews to decide who is worthwhile of Higher Education. The General Public could vote on which students they felt were suitable for University, and the Tax Payer would support and who were a waste of Tax Payers money?

Now that sounds ridiculous, I know but lets look at this whole argument from another point of view.. should all children go to University and if they should, should  Tax Payers who will not benefit from these Students have to pay for them to do so?

Or would it be better, shock horror, for only those who are capable and who wish to do decent courses attend Further Education?  Why has society changed so much that we all feel we have a “divine right” to everything? When will we start to ask again those well worn but forgotten words, “Ask not what my country do for me, but what can I do for my country?”

£9000 is a lot of money for any family to find, I don’t care how wealthy you are, but maybe we should see it as an opportunity to rethink the whole University Question.

Would it not now be a good opportunity to get rid of some of these airy fairy courses? Should we be looking at introducing more Vocational/Traditional courses that will ensure that a) Graduates are able to get a job and b) Society will benefit from their education.

Should we have more sandwich courses where students work for a year in industry, giving them both the eductational gravitas but also experience to offer when they do graduate?

What about re-introducing Polytechnics? You remember those! They offered far better  more vocational courses than the Universities. And should those Polytechnics be individual specialist places  offering courses, for example, in Film and Media, only offering 60 places and have links to the BBC and ITV etc… making sure they only get the best 60 students in the country who can do internships with the BBC etc, and more than likely work for them when graduating?

I believe, and I am happy to be corrected, that past Governments have pushed kids into Further Education to keep them out of the unemployment figures for another 3 years. So now we see far too many unemployed graduates, many of whom are first class but also far too many of whom who STILL have nothing to offer the work place, because not only are their Degrees in subjects that are unsuitable for the work place but their A Levels and GCSE results are not at a level that would have been considered for University 15 years ago.. surely it would have been better for them to have left school at 16 or 18 and gained 3 years work experience?

So no,  I don’t think all kids should become Undergraduates, and although uncomfortable with the huge hike in fees because why shouldn’t extremely bright less well off children  have the same opportunities that other children have? (Although they will still be able to claim financial assistance) This will be a huge loss to this country in the long term,  but eventually it may mean that University will go back to what it was previously… for the intellectual elite. We all have something to offer Society, we do not all have to follow the same course in life to achieve it

Our Government may being using a sledge hammer to crack a nut, but in these times of cutbacks, austerity and hardship, we need to accept that some fairly difficult decisions have to be and are being made.. and sorry Students but you are going to have suffer along with the rest of us, and actually your world is very much in need of an overhaul

And finally, to the NUS President of London University.. to state that people were over reacting to a few broken windows at Tory Headquarters, may I  just say that that kind of attitude does absolutely nothing to benefit your cause.. protest by all means, but violence of any kind is totally unnecessary and no one listens to it