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Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

This is the one question we get asked more often than any other from applicants and I have to admit it is completely beyond me as to why you wouldn’t want to! So let’s see if I can explain how important this is for YOU, the job searcher..

First of all, though, can we deal with it from the client’s perspective? We PROMISE our clients that is what we do.. we promise that, as they are paying us a fee to handle their recruitment for them, we will make damn sure that what is on your CV is correct.. people may joke about the fact everyone tells a few fibs on their CV but WE DON’T nor do we allow our candidates to do so.. upping your GCSE grades? Nope! Removing the odd job here and there? Nope! Building up your experience? Nope! Increasing your salary? Nope! All these things come out. ALWAYS. And it costs people their careers, trust me on that!

Also CVs are only one very small indication of a candidates’ true potential, the face to face interview tells us a whole lot more about the human behind the paper and BECAUSE we interview you face to face, our clients trust our judgement and use our services more so than any other agency, hence why when you look at our website or constantly see our name on the Job Boards , we have more interesting roles than most agencies out there.

And when we have met you, we can give the “whole” picture of you, recommend you for interview even when your CV may not be quite what it should be.. we can “ sell” the whole package, you are a whole package not just a piece of paper!

But that is only a part of the story; the MAIN reason is the YOU SHOULD WANT TO MEET THE PEOPLE TO WHOM YOU ARE ENTRUSTING YOUR CAREER! You spend most of your life in work, don’t you want to make sure we are finding the right place for you?

What is the favourite criticism people have of agencies? They treat you as cattle? Fee generators? Don’t listen to what we want? Don’t care? Only interested in the client/fee? Etc etc.. well not here, we want to meet you, to spend time identifying what it is you want to do, we build trust through meeting you.. it is human interaction, you meet someone face to face and you bond with them, you trust them, you hear them, you care about them.. you can trust that we are working on YOUR behalf to find you what you actually want to do, so when we do get interviews for you, you will want to attend them.. it’s a win win situation.

Yes it’s a pain having to take time out of your day just to register, yes I have heard that agencies advertise roles that don’t exist to swell their database ( actually it is illegal to do that and you can complain to REC about that) but let me tell you something, a little secret of ours.. if you really believe that we want to sit here all day and waste our time interviewing candidates for jobs that don’t exist you are very very sadly mistaken.. We have far better things to do with our time.. we are NOT targeted on anything in this office, not the number of people we interview, or interviews with clients or even placements.. we just work our little tushes off to find the best people for our clients, and the best clients for our people..

So other agencies may well do it over the phone, or on email but that is a very poor level of service to both you and the client, and if you had any sense you wouldn’t want to work with them.. if you are really serious about finding a new job, come in and meet us.. we don’t bite, we are not in the least bit intimidating and although we look like a relaxed environment, we are incredibly professional and have some of the best jobs available in Manchester .. I hope that gives you the answer to the question!