The Story of Your Umbrella…

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Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Morning Nat

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin!

I absolutely love my Alexander Hancock brollie – not for me those telescopic efforts that turn inside out at the drop of a hat – I like a nice “proper” brollie that I can swing alongside me as I walk along the highways and byways (where it rains constantly – I kid you not – CONSTANTLY!).

Yesterday evening it was my Women’s Institute meeting and we had a lovely speaker who talked to us about “decorative glassware” and we got to do some of our own.  This lady is in her mid-sixties now and she told us her family history and showed us some things her father and uncle had made her when she was growing up and for her wedding day – truly beautiful things.  One of them was a miniature paperweight style glass dome with millefiore glass beads inside it which was made to go on the top of a ‘walking’ umbrella BUT the umbrella had long since given up the ghost and she had been unable to find a flat-handled walking umbrella to fit it onto and, obviously,  it had great sentimental value.  Most umbrellas either have a curved handle (like a shepherd’s crook) or have a domed top so unsuitable to affix anything to.  Well, as it happened, it had been throwing it down as I’d arrived at the meeting so I’d used my Alexander Hancock brollie from the car park to the hall …  As I passed it drying out on the way to powdering my nose, I noticed it had a flat top …

I cannot describe to you the look on her face when I said to her “you know that flat-handled umbrella you were looking for – will this do?”  She was, to say the least, quite emotional and the handle top was EXACTLY the same size as the glass dome that her Dad had made her.  To say she was thrilled is an understatement and it was one of those moments that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

So, your brollie will now be paraded about the Flyde coast, resplendent with a rather fancy handle!

I am, however, going to get very wet – but I thought you’d like the story!

Enjoy your weekend.

Best regards