The Importance of a Team aka a Lesson for John Terry

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Team playing and diplomacy is an essential part of working towards success, a little lesson that would help John Terry is possibly getting back his Captaincy of the England Team

It is never a good idea to undermine your Manager in public, or more relevantly for us ,when you go for an interview with a future employer. Many times candidates have lost out on roles because they were too negative at interview about their last company or Manager, even when their reasons for leaving have been totally justifiable.

Our best piece of advice in this kind of circumstance would be to focus on the positive, mention the negative but temper it.So rather than saying ” I hated my boss, he never gave me any recognition for how hard I worked,  and so I want to find an employer who appreciates me”

I would suggest saying ” I am looking for a role that will allow me to offer and use all my skills in an environment where I will be appreciated and where I can contribute 100% which can sometimes be overlooked where I am at the moment”.. so rather Mr Terry than saying there is trouble in the England Camp and Capello has picked the wrong team, maybe a better response would be ” we appreciate that we are not playing to the best of our ability, that we realise the expectations of our Country are resting on our shoulders and we are going to play our socks off on Wednesday evening”  maybe then you would be reconsidered for the position of Captain of England in the future!