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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

This will only be a quick one as so busy!

Just recently I have noticed that candidates are being offered jobs at slightly less salaries than they have hoped for and I just wanted to explain how recruitment today is working.

We are all aware there is a recession on, that the economy is struggling but do we realise what that means for employers?

It means that they struggle to justify to recruit staff! It means that they have to look at costs and cut them, and the biggest cost is their salaries which in turn means not recruiting unless absolutely essential. Which means there are less jobs out there, and more competition for the ones that do exist. It is no different from when you go shopping, you look for quality at value.. are you paying the same today for ¬†products you bought a year ago? Or are you shopping around for better deals? You don’t want to compromise on quality but you just won’t pay the same for it, and if you don’t get it at one store, you go to another who will give you that deal. Exactly the same in the recruitment market place

Now we are lucky, the vast majority of our clients are recruiting and we have lots of jobs on offer, but clients are very specific in their requirements and are being very conservative in the salaries they are offering.

I have also noticed that in the last 6 months, the majority of people we have interviewed are not working and HAVE NOT WORKED FOR MANY MONTHS. These are good candidates, with excellent experience and skills, and who really want to get back into the market place as fast as they can. And I find that incredibly sad and we work very hard to get them back working as fast as we can

So my advice is this, please put some realism into your salary requests, this is a Buyers Market. I am not advocating selling yourself short, slave labour or working for peanuts but I am advising that you , if and only if, you want the job, like the company, know you will be happy working for an employer, think about those aspects first before turning down a job because it is ¬£x less than you hoped for.. ask for a review instead, consider the market you are operating in, just until the world comes back around again.. keep in work because when it does pick up and becomes a Sellers Market place again YOU will be the most attractive candidate out there and then you will be able to dictate the price at which you will want to sell your skills… and then I will be blogging about how clients need to pay more to attract the best candidates..