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World War I Remembrance

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Monday, August 4th, 2014


Today marks the hundredth year anniversary of the start of one of the bloodiest wars of our time. When war was declared on Germany, millions, literally millions of our boys signed up to protect our way of life, and as our women waved them off, they all thought they would be home by Christmas…

4 years later, over 1 million of our men, boyhood left far behind, had laid down their lives for us. Women lost husbands, sons, cousins, nephews and brothers.. not a single family in Great Britain was left untouched… WWI changed everything; warfare for the future, women’s place in the workplace and society, social class, WWI shaped modern Britain, for good and bad.

Tonight we have the chance to remember them in a special way, at 10pm we have been asked by the British Legion to turn off our lights for an hour and light a Candle of Remembrance in their honour. Please take the time to do this, our soldiers are the most amazing individuals, they put on uniforms in our name and go wherever in the world they are asked to serve to protect us, our way of life, our families and our democracy, in fact everything that is good about Britain is embodied in our forces, without them this country would be a much darker place.. Lest We Forget…