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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Oh but how I love tweeting my thoughts on the world via my twitter site Mini Mobile (please feel free to follow me!), I am not particularly pc so be aware if you’re big fan of Alistair Campbell, you are not going to like me (See today’s tweet) and truth be told I ¬†really only use it when I want to know what Jenson Button and Rupert Penry Jones are up to.. yes I am that sad woman.. and Facebook is fab, but really only for keeping me clued into what my kids are up to.. yes that sad woman again!

And I also know that Alexander Hancock’s¬†Facebook and Twitter account is a great way for candidates to be immediately informed about our new jobs, and has become one of our best marketing tools BUT… and this is a BIG BUT, ¬†candidates should be aware that clients and companies are using these technologies to find out more information about potential employees.

Now some clients are fairly laid back about your social exploits but some are not .. so please if you have a Facebook page, keep it private or better still keep it sensible and with Twitter remember that once it has been tweeted, it is out there, free for all to see and to make a judgement about.

I think the best way to ensure your cyber activities are within boundaries of good taste would be to think.. how would I feel if Grandmother/Mentor or Boss saw this? and if you think they would be disappointed or shocked.. DON’T TWEET IT!