The Feel Good Factor

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Monday, October 1st, 2012

Is it just me or do others feel that our success at hosting and competing in the Olympics and Paralympics plus our amazing European success last night in the Ryder Cup has given us all “the feel good factor”?

And of course the Queen’s Jubilee also gave us another good reason to be proud to be British.. all of this has filtered down into our Economy or at least our view of it.. things just seem to be better all around..

Hate to use the phrase “green shoots of recovery” as we all know what happened to the last man who used it BUT I think, and we as a Company seem to be seeing, a small but definite upward trend.. we are not out of the woods yet but I believe, to use lots of metaphors (!) that we can see the wood for the trees, a small shaft of light that indicates hope, and hope makes us positive and positivity breeds success

All our country’s successes and achievements in 2012 makes us feel a little bit brighter, its good to be British, the world admires our Britishness, our ability to keep going, keep plugging away and doing what we do best.. so lets hope, be positive and keep going..