Kindness, a forgotten attribute..

Posted in society

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

I heard today that there is going to be a “Kindness Seminar” held in London, looking at why kindness is a forgotten skill in today’s society and why carrying out a random act of kindness is not just so beneficial to communities as a whole but also for your soul. It makes you happier.

When man carries out an act of kindness, which can be anything from letting a harassed mum with two crying kids go before you in the Supermarket queue, to saving a elephant cub and his mother from drowning in mud, we illuminate and lift our souls due to this kindness.

On the news they were discussing how, during the riots, what shocked the Nation more was not that people could steal, destroy and loot, but rather that people  decided, without being asked, to pick up their brushes and go out onto the streets and help in the clear up.. and how bizarre is that?

So my tip for the day is carry out one act of random kindness every day, let someone into the traffic queue even if it does add an extra 20 seconds onto your car journey, go and check on your neighbour if they have been unwell or just smile at everyone you see on the street and say hello. I know when I am walking my dog, Doogle my prince, the sociability of smiling, saying good morning and passing the time of day is one of the nicest parts of being part of the Dog Owning Community.

Hope you all have a lovely day!