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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

So today is the day  when you find out whether or not you have made the grade to continue onto the University of your choice, I hope that there are lots of smiles out there and congratulate everyone who has achieved their “ hard worked for” success.. have an amazing time at University but try and ring home at least once a week, so your parents know you are still alive! And that is a little reminder for my son, Daniel, as he starts at St Martin’s in September!

But for those who may be disappointed if their grades were not as they hoped …Do not despair, I know it is a terrible shame after all the hard work you have put in, but it is not the end of the world. University really is not for everyone, and a degree does not guarantee success in life… The Times Rich List is full of multimillionaires who never went onto Further Education, and there is even an argument that people who leave school at 18 with A levels can get further up the career ladder than a graduate who leaves University 3 years later. Graduate unemployment is at an all-time high, with 1 in 5 graduates not working in their chosen career field, so bear that in mind!

Also remember there are other alternatives.. if you want to still go to University, contact clearing (UCAS) and see what courses are still available and where… or  you can take a year out and get some valuable work experience behind you and apply again next year,  your experience makes you much more attractive an undergraduate than your A level grades..  or you can take up an Open University course later in life, if you feel that a degree would help you in achieving greater promotion and success… or you can consider apprenticeship schemes that give an entry into careers such as Engineering etc that match what a degree can offer you.

So my advice is.. if you have achieved your grades, go out and celebrate, well done and if you haven’t, don’t panic… consider your options, think about what you want to really do and then go for it… A level results are just one day in your life, and whatever you achieve should not define your life path..  the path to success can take many  different routes as a wise man once said  (not sure that true but if they didn’t, they should have said it!)