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Job of the Week – Sales People

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Friday, August 16th, 2013

Before you all start heading for the hills, there are sales jobs and there are sales jobs!.. and we  only recruit for the most professional of organisations who recognise that their sales force are the life blood of their businesses.

Both in a recession and when those little green shoots start spouting, people with sales skills are the most valuable of commodities.. Sales people generate business and inevitably generate success for the business and themselves, career wise sales roles can be the most rewarding, both personally and financially.

And we are fortunate to have some of the best roles available for professional articulate experienced sales people, and some excellent trainee roles for people who think sales may be the career path for them.

Telesales – that dreaded word.. or is it? Telesales/Internal Sales roles can be fantastic positions for people who love the phone, who can easily build relationships on the phone, who think that sales could be the career for them but have no experience.. THE BEST SALES PEOPLE ALL BEGAN THEIR CAREERS IN TELESALES… It is a terrific learning curve, to learn how to take knock-backs, how to turn a negative response into a sale, how to get past Gate Keepers, to learn your product, to gain confidence whilst sitting in an office with others around you to keep you motivated and most importantly to find out whether or not that adrenalin rush when you close a deal really is something that motivates you.. I have been in sales (as that is what recruitment is) for over 30 years and I can promise that rush when I place a candidate is just as exciting today as it was 30 years ago, irrespective of what level of candidate or the size of the fee.

And that leads me onto another point, people are always sitting in front of me saying I want a job that will give me career development.. well sales is one of the best areas for that.. you can move  into Field Sales, Account Management, Sales Management, Recruitment, Sales Training, Retail, Customer Service, Marketing, Research, Analysis, etc and best of all for all you budding entrepreneurs out there… Sales people are more likely to set up their own businesses than people from any other sector.

So re-think applying for our sales roles.. we have a number of really great  positions for people with both B2B and B2C experience, for Graduates looking for their first role and for people who currently work in Call Centres and want to progress.. take a look at our website and send us your CV so we can find you your next great career

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