The Other Side of the Coin

Posted in interview-tips

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Following on from yesterday, or rather, putting the other side.. I would like to express that the vast majority of candidates that we meet are an absolute delight, and are the reason why we do this job.

This is a free service to candidates, but the “return” we receive in “Thanks” is more than any fee they could pay us.

We placed a wonderful lady yesterday, who hadn’t worked for 6 months and she actually cried when we offered her the job… and that is why we do this, to help people, and to make a genuine difference to people’s lives… We are not Brain Surgeons nor are we going to bring about World Peace, reinvent the wheel or discover a cure for the Common Cold, I will grant you that, but we do try very hard to help people.

I just wanted to make that point, that the vast majority of people we deal with are terrific, a pleasure to meet, help and get to know..