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Not Turning Up For Interviews

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Right this is the most frustrating annoyance with certain candidates.. why oh why do people do this? It is the single most hated aspect of recruitment, the complete bane of recruitment consultants lives.

This has happened to us 3 times this week and its only Tuesday!

In this day and age of modern technology there is no excuse for it, text, email, send a letter, make the call or send a carrier pigeon.. anything but not turning up without a word.

Candidates complain that they do not get feedback from companies and as an agency, we try really hard to make sure that they get the service they expect. The very least we want in return is some basic manners to ensure our clients, who have had to set time aside in their demanding schedule, are then not sitting in a room waiting for someone to turn up.

There is no excuse acceptable, we have had candidates who have been involved in car crashes and they have still managed to call us on the way to hospital! So please be aware…Any candidate that just does not turn up for an interview is removed, permanently, from our files. And we don’t forget, so when candidates try and re-register months later, we will not do it.

Sorry if this is more of a rant than a blog but quite honestly, we are tired of having to apologise to clients for other peoples bad manners