Lycra and Water Bottles at the ready…

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Friday, May 24th, 2013

Are you one of the very brave, determined and quite mad people out there this weekend pounding the streets of Manchester in your lycra? Well if so, you are in my thoughts.. I undertook the Great Manchester Run a few years ago, for Cancer Research and although it half killed me, particularly when I needed to pull in for a “rest stop” at a nearby hotel, sitting in the cubicle with my little legs still pounding up and down so I didn’t seize up! And although I immediately hung up my trainers afterwards, one medal was quite enough for this budding athlete, I still remember how proud I was of myself! Sometimes we forget to acknowledge how good we are, of our talents and our ability to achieve in even the most competitive and difficult circumstances.. and this should be remembered at all times but particularly when you are going for an interview.

At an interview, the interviewer really wants you to shine, really wants you to impress them so that they can offer you the job, allowing them to go back to their “proper” next time you are sitting in front of an interviewer make sure you are confident in yourself in your abilities. Here at Alexander Hancock, not only do we recruit for some of the best companies in Manchester, we also have the BEST CANDIDATES REGISTERED WITH US AND THAT IS YOU! And that is not just sales talk, it is a fact, THAT IS WHAT OUR CLIENTS TELL US… that the candidates we put forward are the highest calibre of all other agencies candidates, the best prepared, the most highly skilled and most suitable candidates in market place.. so be proud and confident, if we have selected you as one of our potential candidates, you can be confident that we know you are one of the best people out there.. and if you think you need a little assistance with your interviews technique, just ask. We have lots of helpful information that we will send you, tips on dress code, assessment centres, testing procedures, question and answer sessions etc etcSo good luck to all of you runners this weekend, whether it takes you an hour or three, just by being out there you are the best… well done!