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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

As you are now all becoming aware, I am raising money for the homeless through a charity called CEO Sleepout whereby I will be sleeping outside on Monday 16th October from 8pm until 6am.

One of things that upsets me the most about the number of homeless people on our streets is the fact that they are ignored.. we just seem to be able to walk on by and ignore their plight, ignore their existence.. but the bomb in Manchester last week sharply brought to our attention that they just because they are homeless does not make them care less nor has it warped their sense of humanity.

Chris Parker has been homeless since 2012, living on the streets where even his mother had no idea of his plight and yet when the bomb went off, he did not run and hide, he went to the aid of an injured 8 year old and comforted her until help could arrive and stayed with a 60 year old woman who tragically died in his arms.. that is real heroism.. I thank God she was not alone and that she had Chris to hold her until the end.. that is true humanity

But until that day Chris Parker was just another faceless nonentity on our streetsĀ  and although it has been amazing that people have donated money to change his life there are still hundreds more on our streets this morning and who need our support which is why I am asking you to please please donate to this charity

If you feel that you would be happy to do so.. then please or go onto and search for my name, Natalie Shalom, it will take you to my page.

Thank you so much from all the Chris Parkers out there