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Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

The excitement is building… anticipation is palpable… success is possible .. and it’s coming home….

Because Gareth Southgate has done what so many England Managers have failed to achieve in the past, he has created a team.. the youngest group of players our country has ever put in to bat, the least experienced and yet they are the most successful, smashing records throughout this tournament.

And why? Well because they implemented, as a team, some rules and values such as:

No phones at the meal tables so they communicate together, gel as one group and a group is always stronger than its separate parts

No Divas, unlike the so called “Golden Players” of the past who were more concerned about their individual egos than the good of what they can achieve as one, this group of youngsters want to play together for the good of their country, because they have real pride in wearing an England Shirt and pride leads to a desire to succeed and in turn success

And they have a Manager who looks the part (who doesn’t love his waistcoats?), is calm yet focused, supportive of and instils confidence in his players; teams are created from the personality who heads up the team and their attributes filter down to the whole team

And because their audience is willing them on to win and that will to succeed can overcome any competition

So… Come on England.. We are behind you.. Make us proud and Bring It Home!